Today I Love | Nate Berkus Lamps

This week I ran to Target for a few things… an hour and $100 later, I left with more than just laundry detergent and light bulbs. Which for me – and I’m sure most of you – is pretty much par for the course. In my defense, most of what I bought were things we actually needed, except of course for these lamps…

Nate Berkus lamp | home sweet blogThese Nate Berkus rattan lamps were on sale from $55 to $16! So naturally I had to buy them. Online they are only on sale for $27, so if you’re looking to scoop them up try checking in store. I’ve been looking for a pair of lamps for my office, and while these are lamps I never would have picked out normally, I could not pass them up at that price! I’ve had my eye on these from Hobby Lobby. Their lamps are almost always on sale for 50% off and I had planned to cover the brown with gold Rub-n-Buff, as I’m hoping to bring some gold or brass in to the room – curtain rod, hardware, etc. – but I think these Nate Berkus lamps will end up being a better addition to the space. They already have brass on them (although it looks silver-y in the picture above) and I’m really digging the natural texture. Now I just need to find the right shade. Which of these do you like best?

lamp shade options | home sweet blog{ the textured linen shade, the black or the white lined with gold? }

You may remember the pic of my office shelves I shared here about a year ago. Once we finish the master bathroom I think my office will be the next room to get some TLC. I spend all of my time in there and a little “refresh” is long overdue. With a few easy (and fairy inexpensive) projects I think it will really transform the space. I’ll share my design board for the room soon!

master bath re-do | window treatment update

window treatment update | home sweet blogI finally pulled the trigger and selected a fabric for the window treatments in the master bathroom. I’m going with this beautiful John Robshaw Kedara fabric. It was a favorite from my original post, but the image of the fabric online looked kinda dingy and yellow-ish. It wasn’t until I ordered the swatch that I was able to make the final call. It’s actually not dingy or yellow at all. Thankfully. It pairs perfectly with the wall and cabinet color. We already have dark bamboo shades in the room, which we’ll be keeping for privacy, but I think a window treatment will be a nice addition. I am hoping to recreate the style below,

box pleat valance | home sweet blog

I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult! And I’m still deciding whether or not to add a contrasting trim… what do you think?

master bath re-do | progress

Happy Friday! I just wanted to share another update on the master bath re-do. Between travel and family our holiday was crazy/hectic (but sooo wonderful!), I’m shocked we had any time to work on the bathroom at all, but we were actually able to cross a few more things off the list.

  • paint walls
  • install subway tile above shower / grout
  • buy shower curtain rod / install
  • find window treatment fabric / order (I finally made a decision! More fabric details to come next week.)
  • sew window treatments / hang
  • order new light fixture / hang
  • frame mirror
  • paint shelf / hang
  • paint cabinets
  • install new cabinet hardware

I’m waiting to share any more “sneak peek” pictures until the final reveal. Also, this wasn’t on the original bathroom to-do list, but I got new towels over the holidays. My parents gave me these,

perpetual bloom towels | home sweet blog

I L-O-V-E them! They are the Perpetual Boom Towels from Anthropologie which have been on my wishlist forever. And I ran out the day after Christmas and scooped up several more because they were on mega clearance. It looks like I got them just in time, because they are no longer available on their website. More exciting bathroom updates to come. Have a fabulous weekend!

Welcome 2014

welcome 2014 | home sweet blog

We are almost 10 days into the new year and I still cannot believe 2013 is over. After the holidays filled with travel, family and friends, New Years eve celebrations and an amazing trip to California (an early anniversary/National Championship game trip) I’m finally back to a normal work week and it actually feels kind of nice to be back to a routine… well, today at least. I’m sure a month from now will be another story. As I reflect back on the past year and look ahead to 2014, I can’t help but think about ways to make this year better than the last. For me, something about a new year really sheds light on things and encourages change. But, I rarely make resolutions and when I do I rarely stick to them, so instead I just want to give myself two things to work on in the new year. Yes, just two. Keeping things simple here.

1. Take more pictures. And then actually print those pictures. I have two awesome cameras and other than snapping “before and after” shots of house projects, they rarely get used. I’ve never been good at taking pictures. I like living in the moment, not seeing it through a camera lens. But over the last year BW and I have had the opportunity to share and experience so many amazing things together, I hate that I don’t have photos to commemorate all of our special trips and occasions.

2. Make more phone calls. When did texting become our primary means of communication? For those of you who I talk to on a regular basis, don’t worry… this doesn’t mean I’ll be calling for “hour long gab sessions.” There’s just something about hearing the voices of the ones we love – if only for a minute or two – that makes a connection you can’t get from a text message or email.

What are you working on this year? Happy 2014 to you all!

master bath re-do| a sneak peek

master bath sneak peek | home sweet blog

First of all, let me say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving… and WAR EAGLE! We spent the holiday with family eating wayyy too much and celebrating an incredible Iron Bowl victory! Things are underway on our master bath update. Between work travel, SEC football and holidays our weekends have been pretty jam packed, but we’re slowing making progress. Above is a little sneak peek of a big project that we can finally cross off our list. I’ll post more details soon! Here’s what we’ve got left on the bathroom to-do list,

  • paint walls
  • install subway tile above shower / grout
  • buy shower curtain rod / install
  • find window treatment fabric / order (I’m still scared to commit to a fabric!)
  • sew window treatments / hang
  • order new light fixture / hang
  • frame mirror
  • paint shelf / hang
  • paint cabinets
  • install new cabinet hardware

There is still quite a bit left to do, but we are making progress. Hopefully soon we’ll have a weekend at home to tackle a few more things on the list. Have a fabulous week!

A Festive Thanksgiving Table

thanksgiving table | home sweet blog

thanksgiving table 2 | home sweet blog

thanksgiving table 3 | home sweet blog

thanksgiving table 4 | home sweet blog

thanksgiving table 5 | home sweet blog

thanksgiving table 6 | home sweet blog

thanksgiving table 7 | home sweet blog

thanksgiving table 8 | home sweet blog

thanksgiving table 9 | home sweet blog

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

My parents always host Thanksgiving, but I always pitch in to help my mom cook and help set a special holiday table. I will mostly likely pack up my fall table and transport to my parent’s house, but these beautiful images have me inspired to create a really festive space. How amazing are those pine cone candle sticks? They would be perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am on the hunt to find them!

diy: tissue paper tassel garland

tassel garland tutorial | home sweet blog

Earlier this month we co-hosted a baby shower for some friends who are expecting a sweet baby girl this January. Since they are welcoming a little girl we opted for pink everything with little bits of gold. For part of the decor I made a tassel garland – it turned out super adorable and was super easy. Here’s how I did it,

// materials //

  • tissue paper or mylar*
  • scissors
  • thin wire or twist ties
  • glue stick (not pictured)
  • wooden skewer (not pictured)
  • ribbon or string

tassel garland | home sweet blog

1. Gather materials. (glue stick and wooden skewer not pictured)

2. Fold a piece of tissue paper in to quarters. Then, in half lengthwise and in half lengthwise again. Each sheet of tissue paper will make four tassels.

3. Cut towards the fold to create fringe, leaving 1″ to 1.5″ uncut at the fold line. Cut the last fringe on each side all the way to the fold (to make the four tassels).

4. Unfold the tissue paper and separate the four pieces.

5. Put a thin line of glue on one edge, place the wire or twist tie and begin rolling tightly down the middle crease. Once it is rolled up, begin twisting tightly.

6. Fold in half and twist to create a loop for hanging. To get the loop extra tight, slide onto the wooden skewer and twist.

7. String onto ribbon, secure with a knot to prevent tassel from moving.

8. Repeat with other colors and hang.

*The mylar was pretty difficult to work with. Next time I might just use gold tissue paper. It will not be quite as shiny, but will save the hassle of dealing with mylar.

Here are a few shots of the tassel garland (and another fun DIY – tutorial to come!) in action.

tassel garland 1 | home sweet blog

tassel garland 2 | home sweet blog

tassel garland 3 | home sweet blog

How amazing are those flowers? My friend Caroline is an incredibly talented floral designer. I was supposed to help her arrange… but I mostly just watched in awe as she worked.